Get YouTube Video ID From Link

YouTube video IDs play an important role in identifying videos. When watching a YouTube video the URL will contain a unique video id. This video id can be used to watch or link to the specific video. This tool will parse a single or list of youtube URLs and return the video id as a list. 


Some important points about YouTube URLs:

  • YouTube ID Format: The id is formatted to be 11 characters long and uses alphanumeric characters. This includes using upper and lower case letters to increase the number of unique IDs available to the platform
  • YouTube ID Use: These IDs are used to identify the video. You will need the ID when using an iFrame, Embed tool, or even calling the API to get more details about the video.
  • YouTube ID URL Structure: When looking for a YouTube ID in the URL you will see it passed as the. query parameter `v=` For example,[VIDEO_ID]& There can be many other parameters passed before or after this one in the URL.

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